Chassis SFACXXBJ2C??00005

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
B55CHK LHD Unknown Rally

Pictured in Jeremey Waltons book "RS - The Faster Fords" ISBN 0-947981-21-7

I read and saw a picture of this car in the book on RS 200's published by unique motor books.

Seen on the front cover and page 216

Driven by Malcolm Wilson and this car is the first RS200 to have win a rally in 1985 !

1986, rented to Portuguese Diabolique Team for one event.

July 2004 - I found a photo here....

It can be seen in the video section.

May 2006 - From Klaus

Article from March 1986 featuring a road test of an RS200

1990 Ford New letter, destroyed in a rally practice accident

September 2008 - Another owner has sent me this image.

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