200 Plus......

FORD ordered around 240 chassis and tubs to supply the intended group B range so there are genuine parts around, there were also several crashed cars and bent chassis
Those owners who have genuinely built up cars from parts are aware that even if all the parts come from a RS200, it s not a original Ford RS200 built by Ford.
What will be the correct description ? Reconstruction ? After Market ? Parts Cars ?!
I believe that parts cars are the best description as they are built with original parts !

Chassis ????????????????

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Last known Odometer reading Last known sales price Other Comments
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown  

Email with Joe Martin (He is based in Malta) - He bought a car in 1994 in bits from Sue Collins and has been putting it back together. He had about 40% finish

He sent me this image...


please email me on info@rs200.com