News - january 2011

Book RS 200

FORD RS200 to Focus WRC book
avalaible now
more than 600 photos Order Now !

News - March 2010

Ford RS 200 is on Facebook : link

News - August 2009

Wanted All infos for Sierra & Escort Works Rally Cars for the Book

News - March 2009

BEWARE : Ole Larsen, Vidar Haugen & Bjorn Viko, the norvegians crook on RS200 are under police investigations !

Be carefull In the Official Ford RS200 New Letter from 1989 published by the factory, Chassis 161 was a RHD Street Car, by which magic other website claims today that the car is a LHD Evolution ? How is it possible that the Factory states the car is a RHD Street Rally and that the website claims the car is a EVO LHD. Everybody will understand why he acts like this. See the 1989 Official Ford RS200 Newsletter (pdf format)

News - January 2009

The new RS200 registry will be a verified website where the informations receive will be controled before posting to the net... to avoid false claims etc...

The registry have the moral obligation to publish the informations who have been verified. Then, if you claim to own a RS200, please send me copy of registration, title, photos to make sure that you really own it with photos of chassis number and chassis plate.
Send infos to :



If you have any information please mail me: 

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