Chassis Numbers

All RS200's started with the chassis  SFACXXBJ2C??00XXX where XXX is a number 001 to 200.

The letters GL are not always inside the number

We expect the original 6 prototype/pre-production/works cars might well have different letters

The prototype #003 has a ED rather than a GL - FE would normally mean a December 1985 build and ED a July 1984, also #012 is FE not GL ! - Chassis #008 was to be letters CF but FORD put GL on it before it was sold.

There are a number of spare parts available for sale with which you could build yourself a "parts car", not an original RS200

This would be fine if you just registered it with DVLA who would issue you a new chassis number and an index.

DVLA do not apparently check to see if that VIN has been used before, they will just issue you with an index ., DVLA also have no way of seeing if that VIN is in use in another country. Then beware like for the 119 Chassis number car !


Bear in mind RS200's do have STAMPED CHASSIS NUMBERS also just like normal cars except the works cars !