Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00193

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
RHD May 1988 Road


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HPI check on 4/1/2004 showed :

Manufacturer Ford
Model RS 200 4WD
Body type  
Colour White
Fuel type Petrol
Date manufactured 30 December 1988
Number of previous owners 5
Last owner change 17 November 2002

Sold by : Thomas Motors Limited. Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, Lancashire. FY3 9LA on 23 / 5 / 1988 - (Now gone sadly)

Ownership Info:

1st Owner Timothy Mark ALLEN From new until he sold car in March 1989
2nd Owner Andrew SEAL Sold car on 29/6/89
3rd Owner Alan GREENWOOD Sold car on 26/10/98
4th Owner Neil SHAKESPEARE Sold car on 8/02/01
5th Owner Colin BARRETT Sold car on 16/11/02        * Changed index to 86KOL
  John GWILLYM Sold car on 22/4/03 - Never had log book put into his name.   *Index back to original

MOT Information :

2009 - 2 People are claiming the same identity, we are waiting to receive copy of registration + photos of chassis plate before making a decision.

One of them Justin Smith have been involved in an attempted fraud concerning a RS200 with Bjorn Viko ... Beware

Justin Smith have been involved in a lots of funny claims like chassis 161 which by the magic "Justin Smith" spray became a LHD EVO when in reality the car is a RHD Street car(see Ford official new letter from 1989).

Justin Smith have lost complet credibility as for unknown reasons, he taken the decision of puting falses claims about many RS200. He want us to believe that the official Ford Factory New Letters are wrong !

13/2/2009 : The author of the book have contacted Mr Smith and this one refuse to respond

2009 February, colour red and for sale

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