Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00187

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
E30EVW LHD Unknown Road




Used by Bob Howe and fitted with the 350 BHP kit for testing

Sold to Mr Bielan from Bitburg, changed from RHD to LHD.

December 1990 edition of Fast Ford.

Middle page, front row, 2nd car along...

May 2004 - William Arnold who has been photographing and cataloguing RS200's also, he saw chassis #187 at Nurburg Ring in June 2000,

June 2004 - William Arnold, has sent me a some images for the database...

Drive Article 2004

Nurburgring 2000

August 2004 - I have been in contact with the owner from Germany, Roman.

The car was fully rebuilt with the frames being powder coated, all panels re-aligned, power steering fitted, leather dashboard added and brought up to 101% in every detail.

This car has been driven by King Hussein of Jordon, Jackie Stewart, Jonathan Palmer and a young Damon Hill while being used by Bob Howe as he car.

Roman sent some photos...

January 2005 - For sale 95,000 EURO

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