Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00150

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
Unknown LHD Unknown Road



Sold to a Dr Giuseppe Lucchini (Owner of the "Scuderia Italia" F1 Team ) through FORD Italy around December 1988. It was originally built as a LHD Rally Spec but FORD sold it, having had it re-trimmed as a LHD ROAD spec for the customer. I believe it was sold as a 250 BHP model but supplied along with a 350 BHP kit (£650 at the time)

2003 Sold to Geneva auction to Mr Jacquillard

For sale at


Quoted from their website "250 hp, red hide, like new, European and Swiss papers, high performance four-wheel-drive for the Group B of the 1980ís. Engine: 4 cylinder, 16 valve 1,800 cc and turbocharger in central position, cylinder head and engine block in light metal alloy, electronic fuel injection, supercharging by turbo Garett T03/04. Transmission: four-wheel-drive with 3 visco-current differential. Chassis: central cell in double light metal alloy with carbon fibre. Body: fibreglass. Suspension: front and back double wishbones with double springs and double acting shock absorbers.


The bottom price is CHF110,000 (about EUR 70,000),

August 2004 - Sold to a group of FORD main dealers in Finland had bought it with 860 Km on the clock.

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