Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00108

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
D958GEN (Old)
PCA42 (Old)
RHD 18 /02 /1987 Road




Originally sold Peter Clarke of Yorks around January 1987.

For sale in Autotrader for 100,000. If the link is dead I have saved the page here for you.

"1986 D Reg FORD RS200 Group B Rally Car2 Doors, Manual, Fastback, Petrol, 900 miles, Original Ford Gel Coat White. I am delighted to be able to offer for sale this very special Group B rally car, number 108 of only 200 ever produced. This particular car has just one former keeper, TOTALLY ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL TYRES - JUST BEEN STORED BY A COLLECTOR IN A HEATED GARAGE - NEVER BEEN MODIFIED OR MOLESTED - This car is the most frightening car I have ever driven, 0 to 60 mph in under 2.1 seconds, Four wheel drive, 250 BHP, Part exchange welcome. 100,000."

April 2008 - John has been in touch having bought #108

May 2009

Hello ,


I noticed your advertisement in the current Classic Car Magazine and as such I am making contact.


During the Group B days I had a  large independent Ford Dealership in the north of England.  The company was a RS dealer of which I believe we sold up to 6 RS200’s to various people.  I keep chassis no 108 for my collection.  In addition to the RS sales the dealership which traded under the name of PCA (Peter Clarke Auto’s) was actively involved in rally sport activities in the UK and further afield.  For my sins I was the 1978 Castrol Autosport Group 1 champion, along with numerous Group 4 wins driving the 1800 BDA’s.  The rally team was also responsible for ‘finding’ Henri Toivenon who drove the Total/PCA group 4 rally Escorts along with M Wilson, B Waldergard, J P Nicholas, C Sclater, K Hamalinan, Timo Solonen to name just a few.


Regrettably the recession of the early 90’s meant that PCA was put into voluntary administration, with chassis 108 remaining in my name but stored along with various other future classics in one of the family business warehouses.  Unfortunately this is where the owner of chassis 108 will find the following somewhat disturbing!  During the winter 92 (?) the said warehouse was flooded to c1 mtr. resulting in all my collection eventually being written off including chassis 108.  The insurance company felt ‘a good wash & valet’ would put things right!  How wrong, I argued the vehicles were not designed has boats and in particular the RS200’s chassis being made of aluminium honeycomb & boxed in steel would rust and eventually be to the detriment of the chassis strength etc.  After 9 month of arguing with the insurance Company they decided to write this vehicle off.  It was then shipped out to what the insurance company believed was the country’s leading expert on RS200’s – Sue Collins of Congleton!!  Although I can’t remember the mileage when shipped to Collins, I do know it had more than the stated 900 miles as described in the Motor Trader advert.


When new the vehicle was the second one to be delivered behind John Haynes of Maidstone. It was below merchandisable quality in numerous area’s & certainly not up the quality of what you would expect of a £52k motor car. It was reworked by Aston Martin Tickford & re painted by the technicians within PCA.  Regrettably as an owner & indeed the retail seller, the cars that sold through my hands were all of a sub standard quality.  I still recall today little boys in Skipton High Street asking ‘did you make this yourself mister’!!


The various cars sold through PCA were all road cars, being for both domestic & overseas use, I have no records at all of any of these vehicles today, however as a long shot the RS salesman employed at the time, Andrew Busfield who works for Skipton Ford (01756 700700) may be able to through some light onto the other RS200’s sold through my previous dealership.


Let me know if I can through any more light on this vehicle.


Kind regards.



Peter Clarke.



If you find any further info on this vehicle please email me on