Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00074

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
LHD Unknown Road




Sold to Bernd Sobek-Mattern, Germany around June 1987.


He also states she is up for sale for around £52,000 and that she is in germany.

Quote, " Thank you for the fast reply, yes, the car is in Germany, in my hands. - The engine has other injectors (Bosch), Porsche Wastegate, KKK turbocharger, the Ford kit for more hp, includes the big diameter Exhaust tubing with the Ford kit manifold. Fully Aeroquip equipment, and the heavy screws are change to titanium, it is a road car, but with hard bushings all around. -
The car is lower on the road as the original car: the Bilstein peoples make me a set of shocks with the original rating, but shorter and so the car is low on the road. - With 13.000 kms I have get a new engine, built in at Aston Martin Tickford. - Ever I had a misfiring engine, I found, that the loom to the ECU was shortened from new in the factory an was drilled together jus by hand, I think the loom must be repaired, my cross reference list shows me, it is a production part from ford. - Also the gearbox shift a little hard, I prefer to open it for inspection. - My sales price is near GBP 52.000. - The car is sold private and without German VAT - To see for you, from witch hands the coming: Iím a system supplier for all motor sport companyís with special parts, made here in our house. See the appendix. - Best regards, Bernd Sobek

August 2006 - Sold back to the UK,

September 2006 - #074's new, UK based owner, Jim, has been in touch - - He says she used to have the UK index of D463HYH - Hopefully DVLA will re-issue that for the car ?

October 2007 - A bit of catching up is required here as I have met Jim a few times now and he has been competing in #074 but, due to a new works car project he needs to sell her, here is the description....

"The car has been developed over the last year and has been very reliable on rallies in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Corsica, Austria and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Spec:- Uprated Shocks and springs, power steering,315 AP brakes with drilled discs, uprated radiator with twin fans, low ratio gearbox, rally seats and harnesses, and full safety equipment, and intercom, wets and dry tyres, light pod, Jeff Page 1900cc engine with management complete with laptop. The engine is one rally old, spares package."

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