Chassis SFACXXBJ2C??00068

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
Unknown RHD Unknown EVO



Sold to Rennison Racing Team as a bare chassis and car built by his team

Driven by Mark Rennison and was sold by Graham Hattaway . Info verified as I ve spoke with Rennison myself



The owner says this cartoon shows what it looked like when it won the British Championship which it did apparantly at least two times driven by Mark Renninsen.

February 2004 - I found a RS200 being offered for sale on the www. - I spoke to the seller Richard Stewart who was trying to work out how much to ask for the car.

July 2008 - I have had some more images of #068 from Gavin Hollyer with a great email.

Fantastic site, a real resource for RS200 enthusiasts.

During the 1980's I was involved in Rallycross, both in the UK and Europe and witnessed an influx of RS200's from 1986 onwards into the sport. Interestingly not many of the cars I was familiar with appear in your listings, I can only assume many of these were made up from parts.

The Mark Rennison RS200 which seems to be identified as Chassis No 068 spent a good few years in the British and European Rallycross Championships. Evidence of this can be seen on Youtube.

I'm amazed this car is still in one piece considering the conditions Rallycross cars had to endure at the top end of the sport.

In fact, on it's debut outing at Brands Hatch it was involved in a start line incident with fellow Rallycrosser John Smith in his Porsche 911. The impact was so great the Porsche was destroyed in the incident, the RS200 front end appeared quite badly damaged along with Mark Rennisons confidence!!

. I do have fond memories of John Carter, who owned the car, cleaning the mud and dirt off his investment after every race. Quite an amusing site as he was quite a short man.

I have recently noticed Marks son Ben has started racing and has a Web Site which contains contact information for Mark Rennison
I always remember Mark being an approachable chap so should you require more history of this Chassis I'm sure he would be willing to help.

I've also attached a couple of pictures I took of the car in action in British Rallycross during the late 80's. Please feel free to use them if you wish.

Once again, great site. Keep up the good work.



2009 For sale in USA

If you find any further info on this vehicle please email me on