Chassis SFACXXBJ2C??00066

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Sold to RACE of Spain around May 1986.

November 2005 - Marc Pina sent me an email from Spain, he had been to an event in September at the Jarama circuit in Madrid where a RS200 had been which, incidentally, might have been for sale. Here are the images he took ....

I asked what chassis number it was and a few week later he said he had been in touch with the owner who had given the chassis number as SFACXXBJ2CGL00066R - He also said the seller gave him the following history.

"This RS-200 was a factory unit that came to Spain in 1987, it served to Carlos Sainz (Spanish driver who has won 2 World Championships), to practice with 4WD cars, because this year he has entered to the World Championship with a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. I can assure you that in Spain, is a well known unit, because was driven by Antonio Zanini, Jesús Puras and Carlos Sainz, and i had some magazines and old reviews that shows this RS-200. This car has wined most of the rallys that has participed, if not, has been retired by engine failure. Also this unit has been made in 1/24 Scalextric, and 1/43 die cast models, that i also own. So i guess that the car has a proven history.

This car, has only done gravel rallys from Spain, so the specifications are for gravel, i think it hasn't make any on tarmac.

Also, he has sended me a full list of parts that he also own, because he has buyed this car to the factory, so he has more or less another complet car, excluding the chassis. A full new engine, transmissions, gearbox, front and rear panels, etc....

The actual owner is a big collectioner of motorbikes, he has about 300 bikes for the moment, and he didn't have the same interest for the cars, probe of it, he never drive any of his colection cars, he has a driver who do it. Also, i guess that the failures, in the Jarama circuit are produced for a poor maitenace, because this care is fired up once a year, so that's the worth thing you could do with cars like this.


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