Evolution Models......

....it was time for the EVO

Group B racing as it was then allowed for 20 Evolution models from the homologated model to be of an up-rated spec and Ford responded by producing the RS200 Evolution.

They were destined to be chassis 201 > 220 and FORD had around 40 2.1L BDT "E" motors ready but as Group B was stopped, FORD decided not to produce an extra 20 cars but to use some of the original remaining 1.8 cars.

They took 20 cars from the remaining vehicles:-

Chassis 012, 070, 071, 081, 083, 084, 086, 087, 096, 097, 098, 099, 101, 105, 106, 145, 146, 153, 168, 174

Now for all the rallycross drivers, Ford had also built Evo cars for Martin Schanche, Thor Holm, Pekka Rantanen, Mikael Nordstrom, Rolf Nilsson, Mark Rennison, and we can read about them in the RS200 Club Newsletter from 1988, some of theses have been modified for road use after the racing career.

The relationship was planned to be :

201=012    202=146    203=174    204=087    205=097    206=098    207=099    208=145    209=081    210=153    211=101    212=168    213=070    214=084    215=105    216=106    217=096    218=083    219=071    220=086

These vehicles were then sent out to be upgraded which included a new engine 2.1 litre. This needed a new block as the walls were too think to handle this extra sized bore. That meant new heads which meant the ports had moved which required all new associated inlet parts, the chassis had to be slightly cut to fit the longer engine and there is a cut out of the firewall between driving compartment and the engine bay which is where the distributor sits, this has a removable panel so you can access it from the inside of the car for adjustment etc

The RS200 Evo still hold the record for 0 to 60 Miles/hour