The Bible of the Ford RS200, all the race results, all the rally results, all the rallycross results + database chassis number

More than 500 Photos.

Book in preparation : send your infos to be included


"Boreham: The 40-year Story of Ford's Motorsport Dream Factory.

It is available from most book shops and Amazon sell it for 23.10 which is some discount of the 35.00.

The ISBN is 1844251039 -

The Faster Fords" by Jeremy Walton first published in 1987.



There appear to be two print runs with different covers as you can see, the top one ( ISBN 0-947981-21-7 ) is the "first edition" as it were ;)

"Ford RS 200" published by Unique Motor Books.



The book has the ISBN number 1 84155 547 9 and costs 10.

They are contactable on 01702 207384 or