200 Plus......

FORD ordered around 240 chassis and tubs to supply the intended group B range so there are genuine parts around, there were also several crashed cars and bent chassis

Those owners who have genuinely built up cars from parts are aware that even if all the parts come from a RS200, it s not a original Ford RS200 built by Ford.

What will be the correct description ? Reconstruction ? After Market ? Parts Cars ?

I believe that parts cars are the best description as they are built with original parts !

November 2004 - C2OOE was and is owned by Julian Godfrey and that it was featured in  April 2003 copy of Performance Ford.

Chassis SATVR03571138016

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Last known Odometer reading Last known sales price Other Comments
C2OOE RHD Unknown Unknown Unknown Parts Car

I had an email from Robin Plummer who remembered photographing this car...

Frances Godfrey (Julians brother) has confirmed they built that car, registered it on August 1st 2001

What is strange is the HPI report...

Manufacturer Ford
Body type sports
Colour White
Fuel type Petrol
Date manufactured 01 August 2001
Number of previous owners 0
Last owner change 01 August 2001

November 2004 - C2 00E in Fast Ford Magazine, issue April 2003 - owned and built by Julian Godfrey.

"... built from a spare shell, uprights and some transmission gear bought from Michael Quaife."  Julian Godfrey Engineering is here: http://www.racetuners.com/ Pat Doran's RS200 rallycross car, is here http://www.patdoran.co.uk/

He had the new shell and bought an Evo from someone called Tony Bardy, he took out the Evo engine and sold the rest to someone in Denmark. Then proceeded to complete the build of his car. He spent 1000hrs on it, and according to the article drove 4500 miles in 2002 using it for track days and road driving. Aparently he'd even driven it to Norway. At the time of the article both cars were heavily tuned.

C200E had full 2.1BDT Evo running 600bhp/550lbft torque running 1.8 to 2.2bar boost

Pat Doran's was similiar spec engine with 750bhp/600lbft torque running 2.2 to 3.2bar boost and 102RON fuel."


If you find any further info on this vehicle please email me on info@rs200.com