Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00146 - EVO

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Last known Odometer reading Last known sales price Version
Destined to be chassis 202 (for homologation) but after returning was given chassis 146



Sold around March 1987 through Pleasurable Developments (Colorado US) in 600 BHP form for the intended owner Robert Delano Sutherland and was supplied in the customers own choice of Motorsport colours.

Driven by Malcom Wilson around 4th July 1987 at the Pikes Peak 5 OA

Destined to be chassis 202

It needed several new panels in 1988, possibly after the Pikes Peak event - Gordon Spooner arranged these replacement parts but I also believe the whole car came back to the UK and may have needed a new chassis, possibly at some time crashed quite heavily by Dan Ripley

May be registered in the UK around 1997.

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