Chassis SFACXXBJ2C??00144 - "S"

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
Unknown RHD Unknown Road



For sale Item # 2457264737 ending 8/2/04 with the highest bid being 6,100

The text is copied here, "Fire damaged original Ford RS200. Unregistered car having 4 miles only before fire. Major mechanical components have survived very well and the engine has been stripped and examined by a professional performance engine builder. Rings replaced, new gaskets etc. Head and sump now off for inspection. Axles, differentials, gearbox and damaged spaceframe and suspension all available. Excellent opportunity to acquire a supercar project or a stock of spares for another car. 

If you require further details call 07974 006509"


December 2005 - I have had an email from James who said he has bought what was left of #144 and his intention is to rebuilt it -

"the history to the car is it was bought as an investment and garaged along with a handful of other machinery. the garage was set alight during a dispute (i don't know over what and never asked it is after all Ireland!) - as it has taken over 12 years i believe to settled the claim the main chassis was left out side at the insurance companies yard but a enthusiast who worked there scavenged most of the parts of it and saved them inside all the transmission is good (maybe a few joints need replacing) the engine was undamaged anyway ditto all the piping manifolds etc..the fuel tanks and remarkably the passenger seat. - what is lost is the hubs,2 look reusable but i wont trust them the chassis part from fire but more from the weather it was subjected to i have a picture of it when it arrived at the yard most of the damaged at that time was superficial to 60% of the car and only centred on the right front corner with any ferocity. having been left out it rotted away and they throw away the rear section of bodywork after about a year when they were tidying up the place, annoying as it is at least there was 1 guy who saved the majority of it. i have some paper work from the insurance company and also the owners handbook the car is well known so i think i can easily prove its provenance when it comes to registration time though i think that will be more than a year away as other work seems to get in the way all to easily. if required i can repair chassis's as we have the technology to make from scratch the chassis and have developed our own aluminium honeycomb lotus 7 type kit car we've drawn out the rs chassis just never cut one to date but have replace a floor in another chassis. - james

2009 February. Email from Dean Hetherington .I sold many years ago a brand new RS200 to a customer in Northern Ireland. The chassis No was 144 as far as I can remember. It was an Tickford car which we picked up and it was bought through Gordon Spooner at the time and it was one of a batch that a guy Murray Divert had bought, he was Canadian I think.  Unfortunately the car got destroyed in a fire. It had been stored in the guy's garage attached to his bungalow when the house caught fire and the whole place burnt down !
The car was written off and Lloyd's of London paid out for the car. Hope this info is of some help to you.
Best regards
Dean Hetherington

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