Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00106 - EVO

Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
C998SRB LHD Unknown EVO



Sold through Pleasurable Developments in Colorado Springs, USA around May 1989 for Frank Profera, California.

I think it also had power steering and a smaller steering wheel.

Destined to be Evo chassis 216



Here is a copy of a fax being sent by Bob Howe talking about chassis #106 which it would appear was being offered for sale in January 2003, the original sales paperwork for chassis #106 and the advert from somewhere.

September 2004 - Sold to John beck who is proud to tell me he has bought this car, brought it back from the US having bought her from Helen Boring

July 2005 - Jon has sent me some images..

August 2005 - H&H auction due for 21st September 2005, to remind you, she has the later EVO 2 engine running around 550 - 600 BHP sitting on 9.25 & 9.5 x 16" spilt rim speedlines, custom 4 inch exhaust, power steering, Big AP brakes, fly-off hydraulic handbrake, new turbo, uprated viscous diffs and the larger IMSA spec. intercooler. Guide price, 75k

September 2005 - Sold for, 54,000 !!

September 2005 Sold to Phil Richardson -


I ve spoke with him, car is in Canada

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