Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00079


Index LHD or RHD Date of First Registration Version
F535LHJ (Previous)
ELE10T (Previous)
RHD 19/9/1988 Rally




This car was originally shipped to Boreham in May 1986 in order to be prepared for the Finnish Rally of September that year. As a result of the banning of Group B the car was never completed.

#079 was then used as a static display car in Britain and Mainland Europe .

Some "borrowers" included, Stort valley Auto Club, Pirelli, Donnington Park, Associated Tyres, Essex Police, Bath Motor Club and more...

During September/October 1986 the car suffered bruises keep being transported between venues and was returned to Boreham for storage, it was from there that Mr Camplisson bought it.

I was passed this link by a friend

A basic HPI check today 19/1/04 confirms that it's a good one !

Manufacturer Ford
Model RS 200 4WD
Body type  
Colour White
Fuel type Petrol
Date manufactured 30 December 1988
Number of previous owners 1
Last owner change 16 November 1988

Seller was Bill Camplisson - The sales price included numerous spares ! (See the parts warehouse)

March 2004 - Chris Rees has bought this one and all the spares - The car was originally registered to FMC with the index F535LHJ and at one point had ELE10T on it.

January 2005 - Chris has sent me the latest image of the car looking very tidy again...

December 2005 - Sadly Chris lost his fight with cancer this month and thus #079 needs to find a good home, I have seen the car and it is very tidy, offers in the region of 50k should get you this one.

March 2006 - #079 has a new UK owner, I am hoping they will get in touch so they can join the owners email list.

If you find any further info on this vehicle please email me on